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Listen to the new single from The Cranberries

30 years after forming in Limerick (initially as The Cranberry Saw Us) The Cranberries are set to release their 8th and final album ‘In The End’. With Stephen Street once again taking producer duties, the eleven-track record brings a remarkable career to a fitting and powerful closure. Announcing the album, the band has shared the first single ‘All Over Now’ that blends rock, alternative and catchy almost pop-sounding melodies to deliver a classic Cranberries sound...

A message from the band about their new album 'In the End'

In early 2017, the four of us got together to rehearse for the ‘Something Else’ Tour. During rehearsals, we discussed many times how great it would be to write and work on new material for a new album… The prospect of writing and working on new material for a new album was very exciting.

Over the following months the task of working on what would become ‘In The End’ began. By December 2017, Dolores had completed and recorded the vocals to final demo stage on the eleven songs which feature on this recording, and we had planned to go into the studio to complete the album in early 2018.

After Dolores' devastating and unexpected passing in January 2018, we took some time out and put all plans on hold. As time passed, we began to think about how we might best honour our close friend and bandmate. This was a very painful process. We remembered how Dolores had been so energised by the prospect of making this record and getting back out on the road to play the songs live, and realised that the most meaningful thing to do was to finish the album we had started with her. We felt that this is what she would want. We spoke with Dolores' family and they agreed.

It was a very emotional process for us. Knowing that we would never get to play these songs live made it even more difficult. There was also an overwhelming sense of finality knowing that this was the last time that we would be in the same studio together working on a Cranberries album.

We would like to take the chance to thank ours and Dolores’ family and friends and all those who worked with the band over the years. To our fans, who have stood by us for almost thirty years; thank you, without you, none of this would have been possible. It has been an incredible journey.

We dedicate this album to our dear friend and bandmate Dolores. She will always be with us in her music.

Noel Mike Fergal

Order In The End here


The Latest on The Latest with Woodstock

With dueling Woodstock Anniversary concerts, its hard as a music fan not to get obsessed with who's doing what!  We compare Live Nation's offering to the new plans laid out by Michael Lang and analyze the possibility of a Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young Reunion plus delve into who else could be involved!

So here's a look at everything that has gone on so far with The Latest at the bottom!

In November we got the first inkling that a 50th Anniversary Celebration could happen...

Then as we waited for a formal announcement... we got TWO announcements!

Naturally speculation on who would perform began and with one of the original Woodstock performers speaking, we wondered if The Who would be on the 50th Anniversary Show

Finally we got the formal plans from Michael Lang about what the actually Woodstock 50th Anniversary would entail... And we dove into who could perform and whether or not a CSNY reunion was possible.

After hearing the plans for both festivals we began to narrow down the performer possibility through process of elimination regarding their own tour schedules... and we began with Phish!



The Beatles 50th Anniversary of The White Album EHM Special

An in depth look at one of the greatest albums of all time! The Beatles White Album 50th Anniversary Special will bring you inside the double-album that was an immediate bestseller, when it was originally released in 1968, debuting at number-one on the U.S. chart where it stayed for nine weeks. The White Album has been certified 19-times platinum by the RIAA, and in 2000 it was inducted into the Recording Academy’s GRAMMY® Hall of Fame, recognizing “recordings of lasting qualitative or historical significance.”

Stream it here



The Latest on The Latest from Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney has just announced a new album, Egypt Station, and the buzz is already crazy!  From teasing the new record on social media, to releasing two tracks and going on Carpool Karaoke, there's a lot happening with Sir Paul right now and we have everything right here so you don't miss a thing!


We first got wind of new material when someone captured paul performing Come On To Me at a bar in Liverpool, which we'd later learn was part of the Carpool Karaoke taping

Then we speculated on new material and when we'd get it

Finally after a few days, Paul set the record straight...

Then he gave us two new tracks!!

Then we got the most touching and hilarious episode of Carpool Karaoke with James Corden ever

And I don't think anyone saw this song coming... Talk about missinterpreting a title!

Here's the new promo for the full hour long special of Carpool Karaoke airing on CBS Monday 8/20

Check back for more as we'll be continuing to update The Latest on The Latest from Paul McCartney with... uh... The Latest!



Stream New Pete Yorn Scarlett Johansson

Today, Capitol Records released Pete Yorn & Scarlett Johansson’s new EP, Apart. This, marks their first collaboration since their 2009 album, Break Up. The EP features four brand new recordings and a new version of “Tomorrow,” a song that originally appeared on Yorn’s last album, 2016’s ArrangingTime.

“It was great to collaborate with Scarlett again. We recorded ‘Bad Dreams’ over a couple of days in downtown L.A. at the Spring Street studio of our old friend R. Walt Vincent,” says Pete Yorn.

“If Breakup was dealing with an unraveling relationship, Apart is dealing with the aftermath,” he explains. “It acknowledges the array of heavy emotions that come up living separate lives. You’re getting used to the idea of not being with someone who has been a big part of your life. Even after a break up has occurred, the presence of an ex still seems to loom large in one’s mind for a while. There are moments during the day where you wonder, is it really over? Or will there be another chapter in the relationship now that it has evolved? The EP is an attempt to sort through all this and get comfortable with the excitement of new freedoms while facing underlying fears of the unknown road that lies ahead.”

Scarlett Johansson adds, “Being able to revisit this project with Pete in a totally different context but within the same creative parameters is a unique artistic opportunity for me. It is always a pleasure to sing with Pete because I think our voices and stories complement each other.”

Certified Platinum in France, Yorn & Johansson’s Break Up charted on the Alternative and Rock album tallies in the U.S. as well as the Billboard 200. Entertainment Weekly said, “Johansson’s throaty vocals fit Break Up’s intimate vibe” and Alternative Press praised “the bittersweet bounce of [lead single] ‘Relator.’” Paste noted, “the eight songs Yorn has written for this album are among his best—the kind of thoughtful, catchy heartache pop at which he excels. Between Yorn’s ingratiating tunes, Johansson’s harmonies and the lush, inventive production, Break Up ultimately succeeds in its ambitious goal of capturing the spirit – if not the sound – of the late-’60s musical partnership between Serge Gainsbourg and Brigitte Bardot.”

Order both releases below... 


The Latest on The Latest from Dave Matthews Band

Rumors were swirling for years that we were going to get a new Dave Matthews Band album but finally we were able to confirm the release of a new album... 

After seeing the initial track listing, fans began to realize that some of the songs on the album had been around for years in the bands live set.  Then we found out more from the 4 producers of the new record, which is unusual for the band to have more than one producer... 

Then we got the albums first single!

Then Dave sat down for an interview where we learned a lot about his current state, Boyd's status with the band and of course a little more about the new album!

Then things turned dark as sexual misconduct allegations were made against Boyd Tinsley

Boyd then responded to these allegations

Then original member of the Dave Matthews Band, Peter Griesar spoke up on twitter about the allegations and wheter or not the band knew

Then the band released their second single from the new record

With just one week to go before its release the band put out its 3rd track called Again and Again

That's The Latest on The Latest from the Dave Matthews Band!  

Order the new record come tomorrow here:



The Latest on The Latest Arctic Monkeys

Here's The Latest on The Latest from Arctic Monkeys

We first recieved word that they would be dropping a new single from some random dude on Twitter back in March...

Then we got a little more info on their follow up to AM

Then they started performing tracks live on the late night shows

Then we got the first music video

Order the album here


Jack White Drops New Song Connected By Love

Music video for Jack White’s new single “Connected by Love” from the forthcoming album BOARDING HOUSE REACH. Get the single here:


BONUS: Jack just released audio for a second track Respect Commander

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EHM Gift List

Every day the EHM On Air Staff suggests gift ideas! From tech gadgets to music memorabilia and everything in between!  Tune in daily to see what Anthony, Lauren, Harry, Jo, Drew and Scott come up with... Everyday from now through the Holidays, its the EHM Gift List!

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