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With dueling Woodstock Anniversary concerts, its hard as a music fan not to get obsessed with who's doing what!  We compare Live Nation's offering to the new plans laid out by Michael Lang and analyze the possibility of a Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young Reunion plus delve into who else could be involved!

So here's a look at everything that has gone on so far with The Latest at the bottom!

In November we got the first inkling that a 50th Anniversary Celebration could happen...

Then as we waited for a formal announcement... we got TWO announcements!

Naturally speculation on who would perform began and with one of the original Woodstock performers speaking, we wondered if The Who would be on the 50th Anniversary Show

Finally we got the formal plans from Michael Lang about what the actually Woodstock 50th Anniversary would entail... And we dove into who could perform and whether or not a CSNY reunion was possible.

After hearing the plans for both festivals we began to narrow down the performer possibility through process of elimination regarding their own tour schedules... and we began with Phish!


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