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A chilly fall Sunday, used to be the best day of the week. At one point many would gather around a television, bar, parking lot or stadium to watch football all day. When fantasy football became a household activity, football got quite the boost in viewership. Fast forward to present day and it no longer is the same. Today a chill Sunday in October, is just that a chilly Sunday. This has nothing to do with players. This has nothing to do with owners. This has to do with men in stripes that officiate the game. 


It doesn't matter what type of fan you are. Giants fan, Jets fan, Eagles fan, etc. These are the types of calls that make the National Football League difficult to watch. Not only was a play made on the ball, but on top of that the pass was tipped. Thus neutralizing any penalty that could have been called. Giants players took to the media and Twitter to express their displeasures in the call.

It seems as if it's not just every week, but every single game there is a controversial call. From not knowing what a catch is to not knowing how to tackle a quarterback it is becoming increasingly tough to be a NFL fan. When it comes to player saftey that needs to be a priority. However, when players end up getting hurt because they are trying to adhere to an unclear rule, that damages the game. 


The NFL is on a slippery slope. If they don't fix the problems with the refs soon fans may be inclined to walk away from viewership. As Giants player Damon Harrison said on Twitter, "The NFL has some explaining to do."


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