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The New York Mets announced a pretty massive trade on Monday. The team acquired Robinson Cano and Edwin Diaz in exchange for five players. Fans seem thrilled that Jay Bruce is no longer going to be a member of the team and that his contract will no longer be on the payroll. Once more, dumping Swarzak as well seems to be another massive upgrade for the team. It is believed that the team also got around $20 million to help alleviate the Cano contract. 

The biggest blow in this deal, to me at least, is Kelenic. The 6th overall draft pick in the 2018 draft is believed to have a bright future ahead. The Mets really don't have too much depth in the prospect pool; nor do they have depth in the outfield. For 2019 the Mets should be much improved. For the future however, this trade could absolutely backfire. 




The Yankees made pitching a priority this off-season. Patrick Corbin was part of the blueprint. However the team missed out on him due to the refusal of giving six years to the lefty. On top of that the money is astronomically high for someone who has not pitched as an ace. Let's see what the numbah one New York sports voice thinks. 

It's back to the drawing board for the Yankees. Do they go and sign J.A. Happ? Dallas Keuchel? Nathan Evoaldi? Or do they make another trade? Brian Cashman will need to be creative. 

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