Jimi Hendrix

Both Sides Of The Sky, the latest from the Hendrix Estate brings 13 studio recordings including 10 which have never before been released. All but two of these studio recordings were made between January 1968 and 1970. Jimi's mastery and use of the studio as a proving ground for new songs resulted in a growing collection of extraordinary material. This album completes a trilogy of albums [with Valleys Of Neptune and People, Hell & Angels] presenting the best and most significant unissued studio recordings remaining in the Hendrix archive. The songs include fascinating alternate versions of "Stepping Stone," "Lover Man" and "Hear My Train A Comin'" as well as recordings where Jimi is joined by special guests Johnny Winter and Stephen Stills. Both Sides Of The Sky was mixed by Eddie Kramer, the engineer for all of Hendrix's albums throughout the guitarist's lifetime, and produced by Janie Hendrix, Kramer and John McDermott.

John Prine

John Prine has had a busy few years.  He beat lung cancer a few years ago, in 2016 he released an album of covers and he hasn't slowed down.  With a tour on the books set to begin in mid-April at Radio City Music Hall and fresh off of working with Dan Auerbach on his latest release we're expecting formal confirmation on a new John Prine record any day now.  It would be his first offering of new material since 2005’s Fair & Square

The 1975

The 1975 have said little about their new album but what they have said has left fans nervously excited.  During an interview on the BBC1, lead singer Matt Healy said, “The next record’s called ‘Music For Cars,’That’s the title and it references our 2nd EP or our 3rd EP.” He went on to say, “If it doesn’t make me physically dance or cry within the first 48 hours we normally get rid of it,” he said. Then, what made fans nervous, “We were always gonna do a trilogy of records,” he said. “I’m not saying that after this album it’s the end of The 1975, but it’s the end of an era.”

David Byrne

David Byrne's last release came in the form of a duet album with St. Vincent called Love This Giant.  Grown Backwards, his last solo release came out 13 years ago.  But a premature listing from Amazon recently tipped us off to the name of his forthcoming 2018 relase which will be titled American Utopia!  With a tour also scheduled this year for Byrne we're expecting a spring release.  In fact this will be David's first solo tour since 2009! 

Arctic Monkeys

Arctic Monkeys let the world know about their 2018 anticipated release through motorcycle magazine For The Ride… Yup, a move indicative of the fact that Arctic Monkeys are making their own rules these days and have amassed such a following that it doesn't matter what they do... because whatever they do, their intense fanbase will follow!  A fanbase that no doubt expanded greatly during their last release AM which came out in 2013 and has since gone Platinum 3x!

Death Cab For Cutie

Death Cab For Cutie have not confirmed that they are releasing an album in 2018.  However, they were nice enough to let us know that they have entered the studio(see below)!  So there's really no guarantee we'll have a follow up to their 2015 release Kintsugi this year other than the fact that 2018 is the 20th anniversary of the band's first release Something About Airplanes.  If the band doesn’t pull a U2 and actually puts out the record this year as they plan, it will be DCFC’s 9th LP!





LP9 // 2018

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Chrvches also took to social media to announce their new record.  In fact, you have to go all the way back to February when rumors began and were later confirmed that they had entered the studio to work on a follow up to 2015's Every Open Eye.  But since they had plenty of time in the studio its seems only fitting that synth-master Martin Doherty would take to Twitter to announce that the band was putting their "finishing touches" on the new album.  Described by Martin as the band's, "Most vulnerable and agressive album," its easy to see why fans of the band are so excited! But one mystery remains... what are they going to name the new album... ummm or should we say albvm....


Courtney Barnett

Courtney Barnett had a busy 2017 with the critically acclaimed collaboration with Kurt Vile, Lotta Sea Lice.  One would expect after writing, releasing and touring to support the album that Courtney would take some time off, but no, quite the contrary as Courtney just told the BBC1 that she was getting close to completing her latest solo effort and that the only thing she was missing was the name.  We haven't heard when, but if we had to guess, spring in to summer would be the right time for Courtney to unleash her latest album! 

Father John Misty

It seems like Father John Misty is trying to become a modern day music iron man with plans to release a follow up to 2017's Pure Comedy with a new album in 2018!  It would be his third album in four years and he's got some pretty big expectations behind him as Pure Comedy made a lot of our Best Of Lists for 2017!


Despite high expectations, Josh Tillman, better known as Father John Misty seems ready to go, telling Uncut Magazine that his new effort is a, "Heartache album," that he thinks, "Essentially serves the purpose of making the painful and the isolating less painful and isolating."

Vampire Weekend

Vampire Weekend came out of the gate with an explosion and hasn't slowed down.  Ezra Koenig even outlined it on his Instagram account (see below) and just what its taken to get to this point.  Read the whole thing, its pretty exhausting.  


On top of Instagram, Ezra has a radio show on Beats 1 and has been dropping little tidbits about the new album hinting that Kanye West help inspire some of it.  Even though this is the first album since the departure of founding member Rostam Batmanglij, rumor has it that he has contributed a good amount to this latest offering from Vampire Weekend.  With a working title of Mitsubishi Macchiato, we'll see in 2018 what this quartet has to offer as a trio.



every day I get comments & questions about the next Vampire Weekend album. obviously, we gotta take our time & get it right but the fans deserve some information. I know it feels like it’s been an eternity since the last one but time…is strange. this is what’s been happening: 2013- MVOTC release 2014 – still touring/promoting 2015 – mental health year (putting 3 albums in stores was taxing), worked on a vibey project you’ll hear abt soon 2016- writing LP4, long days in the library researching w/ the grad students 2017 – recording, trying to finish ASAP what else can I tell you without playing myself? hmm, it’s a lil more springtime than the last one. guitar’s not dead. there are songs (currently) called “Conversation” & “Flower Moon.” Flower Moon is hard to finish but I think it belongs on the album. working title is still Mitsubishi Macchiato cuz it is a helpful concept. I should probably stop there cuz all of that information is subject to change & I can't tell you the really good stuff anyway ????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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Jack White

Jack White has been adding fuel to the fire of rumors that he has another solo album in the works.  A little bit here and there for the last year he has been throwing out little tidbits on what he's been working on.  The story began that he had rented a small apartment in Nashville and brought only a recording machine that he purchased when he was a teenager with money he earned while mowing lawns.  This would explain the rumored name of the new record as being Boarding House Reach.  This rumor was enhanced when he released a teaser for the new record under the title, "Servings and Portions from my Boarding House Reach."


What the album will actually be called, no one knows just yet, but we do know that everyone is excited to see how Jack White follows up his hugely succesful 2014 solo release Lazaretto.

Bruce Springsteen

Bruce Springsteen has a treasure trove of material waiting to come out.  In October he did an interview in variety specifically talking about material that he had written but hadn't released.  A lot of people seem to think this is the year some of that material will come out, with out the E Street Band, since he is extending his Broadway run.  Whats interesting is that this material was written before his 2012 album Wrecking Ball had come out, which he had stopped to work on that new album.  After that he released High Hopes which was from left over material before the Wrecking Ball time period.  So in other words, Bruce keeps writing a ton and then gets distracted by even newer stuff.  None if this should come as a surprise to Bruce fans though, because according to him delaying material has happened plenty of times before saying, "That's occured plenty of other times in my working life."

Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney said during a recent Q&A on his website that he is putting the finishing touches on some new material in the early part of 2018! McCartney reveals, "I'll probably be putting out a new album. So, I'd like that to be something I really love and then hopefully the fans will love it too!"


Sir Paul reports that he's "putting the finishing touches [on the project] now and at the beginning of next year," and would "like to achieve making that a really great album. Fingers crossed!"

He adds, humorously, "That's not what it's called, but fingers crossed!" He then declares, following a pause, "It could be… it COULD be the new album title!"

McCartney has previously reported that he's been working on the album with Greg Kurstin, who produced and co-wrote three songs on Adele's Grammy-winning album 25, including her smash hit "Hello."

Back in June, the ex-Beatles star revealed that he'd written a song about President Donald Trump that will appear on the record.

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