Bruce Springsteen New Film and Life Advice

Hear from Bruce Springsteen as he details his new film project coming off of Western Stars and lays down some quality life advice! 


Top Selling Vinyl of 2019 So Far

I was really surprised to see what the top selling vinyl of 2019 was... Of course I know it would be a mix of old albums and new albums, but I was really surprised to see what the new albums were... 


Brews N Grooves Featuring Social Distortion and Long Ireland

Brought to you by our Pal's at Rudi's in Patchogue, this week we feature a special one off brew from Long Ireland with this awesome Social Distortion Cover!


Woodstock 50 Vernon Downs Permit Denied

Woodstock 50 Vernon Downs Permit Denied, the festival that has eternally been in trouble is in even more as we're just over a month away and this festival has no venue... But they haven't canceled yet... Here's what the organizers are saying now!


My New Dream... My New Life Goal Is...

I've always wanted to be on the radio but now I have a new goal in life... 


What I missed on my summer vacation

I was away for a week and completely unplugged so I'm looking for some answers on some of the things that I missed while I was away... 


Alice Cooper on Mickey and The Roadster Racers!

Thank God I have something to look forward to as my entire life and TV viewing is controlled by a 4 year old and a 2 year old... 


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