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Did the world end in 2012? Mandela Effects

Diving into this crazy theory that the world ended in 2012 and that what we're living in right now... well is... Well you'll just have to listen to the podcast! #MandelaEffect #HiggsBoson 


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Renewing My Vows At Taco Bell and Poopgate at EHM

I propose to my wife a vow renewal ceremony at Taco Bell plus Poopgate here at EHM... Not gonna lie, the second half of this podcast is pretty crappy : P


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Beach Boys 60th and Eric Clapton vs Wrestling Pay Per View

Can't believe we're talking Beach Boys 60th Anniversary already but we are plus Eric Clapton is heading to Pay Per View in a move that I wouldn't have done... 


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Jake Clemons Interview

Jake Clemons joined us on The Morning Show with Anthony to discuss his new album Eyes On The Horizon, being the nephew of Clarence Clemons, life as a member of Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band and what their future plans are! 

You can watch the interview as well here!

#JakeClemons #EyesOnTheHorizon #BruceSpringsteen 


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Hallmark Is Releasing 40 Christmas Movies This Year Plus Is Mandy Moore Pregnant?

Extended podcast today as we look at the Hallmark Christmas Movie Line Up which checks in at 40 movies this year... We also talk about the greatest Thanksgiving movie ever, talk a little tech and speculate on whether or not Mandy Moore is pregnant... Do you think she is? Look at what she put on her Instagram!


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Taking My Kid To His First Day Of School

What we're failing to do as parents and more on this podcast!


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Throwing My Kids A Blippi Birthday Party

This shouldn't but that complicated but.... Its a podcast!


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