Finding Neverland First Impressions

My wife (Cuddles) and I just sat down to watch part one of Finding Neverland.  The HBO documentary about Michael Jackson... Here's my first impression and thoughts on Part 1.

Paul Reiser Interview: Anthony Archive Series

I had the honor of interviewing Paul Reiser and this interview was memorable for several reasons... Of Course Paul was great!  We talked about Mad About You, which is coming back... We talked about Stand Up Comedy and music and practically everything... But the amazing thing I remember from this interview was there were tickets available to his show when we started the interview and by the time we finished the show had sold out... It was awesome to be a little part of that! 

Analyzing The Michael Jackson Radio Station Ban

The headlines are everywhere, Radio Stations ban Michael Jackson.  But whats really happening and what has been the history of MJ's music and radio stations... We cover it all right here! 

R Kelly Flips Out on CBS This Morning

Gayle King sat down with R Kelly after being arrested and he had a complete melt down / flip out on the air!  Listen here and for the full interview go here

Men Everywhere Slighted By Luke Perry's Passing

Luke Perry died on Monday at the age of 52 which is very sad... But what transpired in my house when the news broke was worthy of a Podcast... I can't be the only man who experienced this... Can I be???

Top 5 Cereals of all time

Some controversy broke out on the EHM social media pages regarding the best breakfast cereals so your ol pal ant is here to set the record straight!  See my blog here!

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