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The Cliffton Bar's Transphobic Post

This is a different Morning Show Vlog today as we tackle an important social issue with something that is happening right here in our community.  A few days ago, The Cliffton Bar in Patchogue posted this...

Since this was posted, the Patchogue community has been rallying around the unfair treatment of the LGBTQ community. After seeing a lot of reaction on social media and people messaging me, I thought lets go right to the source and speak with James Skidmore from the Greater Patchogue Chamber of Commerce.  

He was nice enough to give us some time and we had a wonderful conversation about this issue and how there is no place for this type of behavior while at the same time allowing for open discussion so that we can have actual long term change for the better. 

Here is our conversation

Since we had that talk, we learned that the Cliffton Issued an apology... Here's what they had to say.



Over the past 2 days a number of people have expressed concern over an Instagram post on our Instagram page. After careful consideration of all those involved, we would like to extend our deepest and most sincere apologies to those we may have unintentionally offended, specifically Tiffany. We acknowledge that our judgement is not always the best on social media, but we are also confident the public will learn that The Cliffton has never, nor will ever, be transphobic, homophobic, or Anti LBGT. In fact for over a year now we have been quite the opposite, and proudly known for being the Google #1 ranked LBGT friendly bar on the Patchogue mainland. So all we can do now is invite you to come down and get to know us again. Maybe you want to ask questions or just yell at us. Either way, we will do our best to correct the mistakes we have made and work with the community to move past these turbulent times...

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Since the initial post, a protest has been organized through Facebook.  

For information on that you can click here.  

We trust that the rules carefully set forth by the organizers will be followed and a peaceful demonstration will take place.  As I say in the interview with James, Its good that the Cliffton take their medicine and get to see the faces of their community in this protest so that they can be a better establishment in the future.  

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