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Ant's Memorial Day Recipe's!

Here's a list of some recipes that I've made and some that I still want to try because they're so intriguing that are perfect for your Memorial Day Weekend plans whether your hosting a BBQ, going to a BBQ, or just want to have a nice light refreshing snack at the beach or park!

We've scoured instagram for the best dishes so if you want the full recipe just click on the gram and go to the link in description for all the info!

Watermelon Bruschetta Stars

Perfect if you're going to someones barbecue and you're looking to get some compliments for your creation... These things look great, taste great, and are very instagramable! 


A post shared by Dulcinea Farms (@dulcineafarms) on

Tuscan Tortellini Pasta Salad

#SidesAreImportant... Everyone is going to look for the burger and ribs this summer but lets not act like sides aren't super important... I mean where would thanksgiving be if all we ate was turkey... We'd be dry and bored.  So get good sides!  Here's the key to good sides... Pasta filled with cheese, any cured Italian meat, insert whatever green here...  #YoureWelcome


A post shared by Becky | Food Blogger (@becky_lovetobeinthekitchen) on

Asian Sweet & Spicy Grilled Baby Back Ribs

Ok, we've covered sides so lets get to a meat I love!  I've been obsessed with Asian spices lately... And its right in the title... There's something about that balance between sweet and spicey that I love so much.  So try these ribs... You won't be disapointed!


A post shared by Home & Lifestyle Blogger ???? Amy (@attagirlsays) on

Beach, Please

Speaking of balance... Our Brews N Grooves craft beer pick for this summer is the Long Ireland Beach, Please Golden Ale!  What a wonderful balance of malt, hops, and lemon peel. Perfectly accesible for the rookie and hard core craft beer drinker and it works on the boat, at the beach, or barbecue!


A post shared by long ireland beer co. (@longirelandbeer) on

Watermelon Pizza

The term watermelon pizza sounds disgusting, but just take a look at this thing.  Its kind of a cool way to serve a watermelon.  Just like with our watermelon star suggestion its very gramable and the kids are going to enjoy eating all this fruit!


A post shared by Chrissie | Off the Eaten Path (@chrissie_beth) on


Our list may seem a little lite up till this point so lets bring in the brisket!  If you have the time and can smoke some meat this summer we liked the look of this recipe... The the results are in the gram!


A post shared by Brigitte Hill (@motherofeverything85) on

Gruyère & Ramp Butter Spread Over Grilled Steak

OK, so you want steak... There's plenty of good recipes for marinades but we found this topping to be super special!  Ramps may be hard to come by (try specailty stores or Whole Foods) but the combo with Gruyere is to die for... And we might in fact die from this... #LotsOfCaloriesAndCholesterol


A post shared by Emmi Cheese USA (@emmicheeseusa) on

Korean BBQ Chicken and Kimchi Lettuce Wraps

Continuing with my recent Asian Food Obsession comes this great recipe! Its perfect for those that don't want to eat too bad before we get into bikini season but don't want to sacrifice any flavor! I will say, if you're going to make this make sure you get some good Kimchi!  We haven't tried our pal Jason Weiner's Kimchi yet from L&W Market in Bridgehampton but we've heard nothing but good things and  he's so damn good we're sure it'd fit in perfect on this dish!


A post shared by Bee | Rasa Malaysia (@rasamalaysia) on




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