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EHM Stuff Archives for 2018-05

The Latest on The Latest from Dave Matthews Band

Rumors were swirling for years that we were going to get a new Dave Matthews Band album but finally we were able to confirm the release of a new album... 

After seeing the initial track listing, fans began to realize that some of the songs on the album had been around for years in the bands live set.  Then we found out more from the 4 producers of the new record, which is unusual for the band to have more than one producer... 

Then we got the albums first single!

Then Dave sat down for an interview where we learned a lot about his current state, Boyd's status with the band and of course a little more about the new album!

Then things turned dark as sexual misconduct allegations were made against Boyd Tinsley

Boyd then responded to these allegations

Then original member of the Dave Matthews Band, Peter Griesar spoke up on twitter about the allegations and wheter or not the band knew

Then the band released their second single from the new record

With just one week to go before its release the band put out its 3rd track called Again and Again

That's The Latest on The Latest from the Dave Matthews Band!  

Order the new record come tomorrow here:


The Latest on The Latest Arctic Monkeys

Here's The Latest on The Latest from Arctic Monkeys

We first recieved word that they would be dropping a new single from some random dude on Twitter back in March...

Then we got a little more info on their follow up to AM

Then they started performing tracks live on the late night shows

Then we got the first music video

Order the album here

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